Welcome to the Right to Education Discussion Forum

The Right to Education Discussion Forum is a multilingual online forum (Arabic, English, Spanish, French and Portuguese) dedicated to discussing education from a human rights perspective. It provides a platform to carry out discussions, in your language, that is received by everyone in the group in their own language.

Through this forum you can raise issues on the right to education, share experiences and thoughts and connect with others working on the right to education. For example, members may wish to:

  • share research or publications or announce events related to the right to education
  • raise questions on specific thematic areas that they are working on
  • ask for advice on advocacy tactics or strategic litigation
  • seek for information on the right to education on a specific country

The Discussion Forum should focus on education as a human right.

This platform is run by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), one of our key partner organisations.




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