21 December 2023

The multiple, interlocking crises which grip the world look set to continue in 2024. When crises hit, education often suffers - through underfunding, dwindling political attention, and increased pressures on populations causing school abandonment. 

We know that when education suffers, so too does the future. 

We have ambitious plans for the year ahead, laid out in our 2023-2026 strategy. We know that our role shaping and influencing policy while supporting people on the ground to keep the pressure on duty bearers to realise the right to education for all is more important than ever particularly in the context of the myriad crises the world faces. In 2024, education must be a right for all, not a privilege for some. 

Following an immensely successful Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign - which saw the generosity and solidarity of our colleagues, partners and friends help us to raise more than 2% of our total budget in just two weeks - we are continuing our fundraising efforts into the season of giving.

If you are able to help, please consider supporting us in Euros, US Dollars, Pounds, or Swiss Francs

If financial support is not possible, please consider sharing this message and our donation links with friends and contacts.

When the right to education is strengthened, the future is brighter.