9 September 2021

On September 9th, to mark the second UN International Day to Protect Education from Attack, Right to Education Initiative’s Director Delphine Dorsi took part in a global event organised by Education Above All Foundation (EEA).

The event, titled 'In Light of the Current Global Crisis, Redefining Protection of Education from Attack: The Path to Safeguarding Learning Against Emerging Challenges – A Duty Bearers & Right Holders Perspective', was supported by the Qatar Ministry of Education & Higher Education, UNICEF, and the UNESCO Regional Office in Doha.

Delphine Dorsi presented information about monitoring education under attack from a human rights perspective, in addition to introducing RTE's work on this area and the two guides we published on this day to assist journalists and civil society organisations monitor attacks on education

In addition to discussion and presentations on the role of duty bearers, the event also featured the voice of youth in conflict areas, who shared their perspectives on how to safeguard continuous learning in all circumstances.