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Tunisian Constituent Assembly
© Magharebia / Houda Trabelsi
28 January 2014

On 26th of January 2014, Tunisia adopted a new Constitution that guarantees the right to education in articles 38 and 46. This is an important step because the 1959 Constitution did not guarantee the right to education.

According to Article 38, education is compulsory until 16. The State guarantees the right to public and free education at all levels and provides the necessary means to achieve quality education. The State also ensures that Arab-Muslim identity and national belonging take roots among young people. The State anchors, supports and generalises the use of the Arabic language, as well as openness to foreign languages ​​and human civilizations and promotes the culture of human rights

Article 46 recognises children's rights including the right to education. The State has the obligation to protect every children without discrimination and in the best interest of the child.

See the text of the new Constitution in Arabic and French