25 July 2018
The Right to Education Initiative (RTE) is looking for a part-time administration and finance officer to support the team’s work in the implementation of RTE’s strategic plan.
The administration and finance office will be responsible for the management and operation of RTE’s financial, administrative and other office systems and policies, and for the development of new needed policies and procedures.
Please find the job description here.
To apply, please send a CV and cover letter to info@right-to-education.org
Applications should be submitted by 12 August.
RTE promotes education as a human right, making international and national law accessible to everybody. We conduct research and legal analysis and we develop tools and guides to help understand and effectively use human rights mechanisms to claim and enforce the right to education. We build bridges between disciplines (human rights, education, and development), actors (CSOs, international organisations, academics), and language communities, linking international, national, and local advocacy with practical engagements leading to positive changes on the ground.