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31 August 2021
The Privatisation in Education and Human Rights Consortium (PEHRC) is looking for a Master's student / recent graduate interested in taking up a placement to support its work (on a rolling basis).
PEHRC is an informal network of national, regional and global organisations and individuals who collaborate to analyse and respond to the challenges posed by the rapid growth of private actors in education from a human rights perspective and propose alternatives. Right to Education Initiative is a member of the network.
Activities include supporting: 
  • Privatisation in/of education news monitoring and analysis
  • Keeping PEHRC's databases up-to-date, including a calendar of upcoming events/key moments
  • Being part of the development of a website for the Consortium 
  • Outlines for potential blogs / policy briefs on emerging issues related to privatisation & education
  • Administrative support for coordination activities 
  • Joining PEHRC calls and learning about a range of issues discussed (PPPs, EdTech, Early Childhood, Commercial schools, the Abidjan Principles)
  • Leading research on an area of interest
  • A master's student comfortable with the topic, who is interested in gaining more experience in this field of work
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Experience in communication, design and website upkeep would be an asset
The placement duration is flexible, and the days per week can also be flexible depending on the student's availability. The role is not remunerated – there may be a possibility of a small stipend towards expenses.
The role will include close work with the PEHRC's Coordinator, weekly check-ins and support, as well as guidance and constructive feedback. The position will also involve regular contact with the members in the network, as well as regular opportunities to attend global calls and meetings.
To apply
Please send an email to the PEHRC Coordinator: (pehrc . coordinator at gmail.com) briefly outlining your interest in the role and any relevant experience.
No deadline - applications reviewed on a rolling basis.