27 November 2023

Today is Giving Tuesday - a moment of collective solidarity and hope in the midst of a challenging global panorama, in which the right to education is at risk.

In moments of economic hardship and geopolitical crises, the education of young people suffers. When a generation of children receive a poor quality, interrupted or abandoned education, the future of entire societies and nations is jeopardised. Education is an enabler right - it gives access to a range of other social, cultural and economic rights. Without it, human rights, democracy and social and economic progress falter. 

But you can make a difference. 

The Right to Education Initiative is a non-governmental international human rights organisation dedicated entirely to the promotion and defence of the right to education. Giving RTE a donation, no matter its size, will allow us to continue our vital work strengthening systems and building capacity, to ensure that learners everywhere enjoy their right to education. We play a vital role in the education and rights sectors, working behind the scenes with policy and decision makers at the highest levels to influence international decisions and frameworks, while supporting education advocates on the ground to document, report and keep up the pressure on states to ensure that the fundamental right to education is respected. 

What we do paves the way for children and learners all over the world to get into classrooms and enjoy a quality, inclusive and free education.

In these challenging times, our work is more critical than ever. We, and the future generations of learners, need your support.

Make a donation here, and spread the word.


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Thank you.