4 March 2022

The Right to Education Initiative (RTE) is looking for consultancy support to conduct an external review and help the organisation reflect on its impact over the past 10 years and its current role within the education community, with the aim to better communicate about itself and to develop a relevant strategy for the coming years, taking into account the changing education and human rights landscape and the needs of the partners we serve.

About the Right to Education Initiative

The Right to Education Initiative (RTE) is an international human rights organisation focusing on the right to education. We promote education as a human right, striving for a world where everyone, without discrimination of any kind, can fully enjoy the right to education in all its dimensions. 

RTE promotes education as a human right, making international and national law accessible to everybody. We conduct research and legal analysis and we develop tools and guides to help understand and effectively use human rights mechanisms to claim and enforce the right to education. We build bridges between disciplines (human rights, education and development), actors (CSOs, international organisations, academics), and language communities, linking international, national and local advocacy with practical engagements leading to positive changes on the ground.

The aims of the external review

Through this external review we aim to:

  • Map RTE’s activities and partnerships, showing its impacts and role

  • Clearly define RTE’s role and added value for and within the education, human rights and development communities

  • Reflect on RTE’s evolving structure and governance, including its funding structure and funding sustainability as well as partner relationships.

  • Develop guidance for our next strategic plan for the coming years, responding to the evaluation’s findings and  supporting RTE’s growth.

  • Use the data and resulting analysis to develop materials and resources which better and more effectively respond to the changing needs of the partners and organisations we support/serve 

  • Identify RTE's key audiences and establish if communication regarding our role and activities should be targeted at additional groups

  • Encourage donors to continue or to start supporting RTE’s mission

Consultant(s) mission

  • Propose a methodology for the evaluation 

  • Collect and analyse the data, including through the organisation of a discussion with donors and partners

  • Draft the expected documents as described in the TOR, including a final report

  • Organise presentations of the results to RTE and to external partners, including donors

Consultant(s) profile

  • Solid experience in conducting external evaluations, with a preference for experience of evaluations for human rights international NGOs

  • Good understanding of the international NGO context, with a particularly focus on human rights organisations

  • Good understanding of the role of human rights organisations

  • Good understanding of collaborative work / work conducted with/through networks 

Budget and timeline

The maximum budget for the evaluation is $30,000. This budget will include:

  • Consultant fees

  • Consultant expenses 

We expect the evaluation to start in April and end in Early July or September.

Selection process

The consultant(s) will provide:

  • A CV

  • A cover letter

  • A methodology proposal

  • A detailed budget proposal

The deadline to apply is: 20 March 2022, Midnight GMT.

Proposal to be sent at jobs@right-to-education.org

The selection will be done the week of 21st March with an appointment at the end of March.

More details in the TOR.