20 January 2022

The Abidjan Principles, a reference text on the right to education adopted in 2019 by a group of leading international experts, have secured a further recognition, bringing their total to 13 by national, regional and international human rights bodies and representatives.

The latest recognition is in the Inter-American Principles on Academic Freedom and University Autonomy, whose objective is to provide a tool that integrates the standards developed by the Inter-American Human Rights System concerning Academic Freedom and University Autonomy. At the same time, this instrument seeks to serve as a frame of reference for Organisation of American States (OAS) Parties to take into consideration to ensure that their academic freedom laws, policies, and practices are in compliance with Inter-American human rights norms and standards.

Quoted as one of the founding texts of the Inter-American document, adopted in December 2021, this recognition of the Abidjan Principles is an important advancement and reflects their widespread usage and significance in the Americas. 

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