26 November 2021
On 29 October 2021, the 15-member UN Security council adopted a unanimous resolution, hailed as the first of its kind, which condemns attacks against schools, children and teachers and urges conflict parties to immediately safeguard the right to education. Importantly, the resolution makes explicit the links between education, peace and security. Resolution 2601 (2021) recognises the crucial role... Read more
24 November 2021
On Friday 26th November 2021, the World Organization for Early Childhood Education (OMEP), Right to Education Initiative, and UNESCO will hold a joint seminar on Early Childhood Care and Education.The seminar, entitled ‘What’s happening with ECCE in the world? Latest research and current perspectives’, will feature the presentation of two new UNESCO reports, including ‘Right to pre-primary... Read more
29 October 2021
This month, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, Kombou Boly Barry, published a report on the right to education of migrants. The report considers the barriers that migrants face in accessing the right to education and calls upon States to revisit their legislations to ensure migrants have a rightful place in education and development policies.   Presenting her report to the 76th... Read more
29 October 2021
Between October 25-27th, the Fourth International Conference on the Safe Schools Declaration took place in Abuja, Nigeria.The hybrid live and virtual conference was hosted by Nigeria in collaboration with Argentina, Norway, Spain, the African Union Commission, and the Global Coalition for Protecting Education under Attack (GCPEA), and it brought together high-level representatives from... Read more
29 September 2021
Right to Education Initiative, together with members of the Privatisation in Education and Human Rights Consortium (PEHRC) working group, has launched a significant new piece of research on public education, entitled: 'Public education works: lessons from five case-studies in low- and middle- income countries'.The research showcases positive examples of public education in different contexts and... Read more
29 September 2021
UNESCO has launched a global reflection on the Right to Education, in the context of the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the 1960 Convention against Discrimination in Education. Through a range of platforms, UNESCO is gathering insights and reflections on what the right to education should further embrace in order to respond to new and emerging challenges, and their implications for... Read more
9 September 2021
On September 9th, to mark the second UN International Day to Protect Education from Attack, Right to Education Initiative’s Director Delphine Dorsi took part in a global event organised by Education Above All Foundation (EEA).The event, titled 'In Light of the Current Global Crisis, Redefining Protection of Education from Attack: The Path to Safeguarding Learning Against Emerging Challenges – A... Read more
9 September 2021
On the second International Day to Protect Education from Attack, Right to Education Initiative launches two new guides to support monitoring education under attack from a human rights perspectiveToday marks the second International Day to Protect Education from Attack. It is a day to reflect on the 75 million children aged between 3 and 18 living in crisis-affected nations, for whom the right to... Read more
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31 August 2021
The Privatisation in Education and Human Rights Consortium (PEHRC) is looking for a Master's student / recent graduate interested in taking up a placement to support its work (on a rolling basis). PEHRC is an informal network of national, regional and global organisations and individuals who collaborate to analyse and respond to the challenges posed by the rapid growth of private actors in... Read more
28 July 2021
As Ministers of education and other leading stakeholders in education meet on 28-29 July 2021 at the Global Education Summit, 37 CSOs call on governments to make robust funding commitments for the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) and urge GPE and its partners to use the money raised during the summit in support of free public education and to ensure that no funding is used to support... Read more