15 July 2021
On June 14, the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child (CRC) found that Spain violated the right to education of an eight-year old Moroccan boy in Melilla, a Spanish enclave in Morocco, for not taking the appropriate and timely action to confirm his residency in territory, and for not immediately admitting him to public school after his residency was confirmed. A.E.A’s caseA.E.A was... Read more
30 June 2021
On June 3 2021, RTE and the Paris Sciences Po Law School Clinic organized a round table discussion on inequalities in higher education in France. The online event that took place marked the end of another year of collaboration between the two organizations, as part of an ongoing pilot project on monitoring inequalities in higher education in France. Bringing together researchers, students and... Read more
Special Rapporteur Dr Koumbou Boly Barry presenting her report
30 June 2021
On June 21 2021, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to education Dr Koumbou Boly Barry released a report entitled ‘Right to Education: the cultural dimensions of the right to education, or the  right to education as a cultural right’. Presented at the 47th session of the Human Rights Council, the report considers the cultural dimensions of the right to education and reflects a call from the... Read more
28 June 2021
On June 15, RTE, GI-ESCR, NORRAG and California State University, Sacramento co-organised an online event to launch the book ‘Realizing the Abidjan Principles on the Right to Education: Human Rights, Public Education and the Role of Private Actors in Education’.More than 100 people joined the online event to hear chapter authors and editors present the most salient and crucial aspects of their... Read more
Abidjan Principles book cover
9 June 2021
On 15 June 2021, Right to Education Initiative, GI-ESCR, NORRAG, and California State University (CSU) are co-organising an online event to celebrate the launch of the book: Realizing the Abidjan Principles on the Right to Education: Human Rights, Public Education, and the Role of Private Actors in Education.The event will feature the editors and authors of the book - including RTE’s Executive... Read more
2 June 2021
On April 22, the European Committee of Social Rights issued a statement on COVID-19 and social rights which highlights the rights of the European Social Charter that are particularly affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The statement makes particular reference to the right to education in the context of Covid-19, in addition to a focus on a range of rights including employment and labour rights, the... Read more
14 May 2021
This year’s Comparative and International Education Society Conference - conducted entirely online given the current global epidemiological situation - saw RTE participate in three events.Our programme of engagement covered a session on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), an event which RTE organised on Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), and one of the first events in support of a new... Read more
Global Action Week flyer
14 May 2021
Demonstrating our commitment to building bridges between different language communities, RTE participated in two multilingual events in this year’s Global Action Week for Education (GAWE).On Wednesday 28th April, we co-hosted an event in Arabic alongside the Arab Campaign for Education for All, considering the privatisation of education in the Arab region. RTE’s Project Officer Hoda Awwad... Read more
Promotional flyer for AFi event
28 April 2021
On April 15, Scholars at Risk held the webinar: ‘Free Universities: Putting the Academic Freedom Index Into Action Through the UN Human Rights system’.This high-level event presented the 2020 Academic Freedom Index (AFi) a robust instrument that can inform research and drive human rights policy debates among government officials, parliamentarians, research funders, university administrators,... Read more
Flyer advertising three events
21 April 2021
RTE will take part in and host three events at this year’s Comparative and International Education Society conference (CIES), which will be held between April 25th and May 2nd.The three events, detailed below, include Early Childhood Care and Education from a Human Rights Perspective; Critical reflections on public private partnerships; and Realising the Abidjan Principles on the right to... Read more