27 March 2024
On 13 February 2024, international experts, academics, education stakeholders and representatives of regional and international human rights systems gathered to celebrate five years since the adoption of the Abidjan Principles, a reference text and rapidly recognised authoritative resource on the right to education. More than 100 people joined the online session, which included participation from... Read more
29 February 2024
More than 300 organisations, among them RTE, have sent a joint letter to UN representatives, raising major concerns about access and participation of civil society organisations in UN spaces, following the decision to limit participation for UN human rights bodies and mechanisms to in-person only. Read the letter below._______The undersigned civil society organisations are writing to express our... Read more
20 February 2024
RTE has partnered with Global Campus of Human Rights to launch a MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) on Children’s right to education in armed conflict, for which free enrolment is currently open. The context for this course is the worrying increase in attacks on children, young people, and teachers and academics in recent years. According to GCPEA, in 2020 and 2021 more than 9,000 students and... Read more
9 February 2024
The Abidjan Principles, adopted on 13 February 2019 following a three-year long consultative process involving a diverse range of stakeholders and constituents, will see their fifth anniversary marked on 13 February 2024 in an online interactive dialogue. Since their adoption, the Abidjan Principles have established themselves as an authoritative reference text on the right to education in the... Read more
23 January 2024
Today the world celebrates the International Day of Education, and at the Right to Education Initiative we are proud to publish this specially commissioned image made by artist Andy Lemar Orand. While those who work in education and rights often consider the abstract, the fundamental, and the theoretical, Education Day is a moment to remember that education is central to who we are, to our... Read more
23 January 2024
24 January 2024 - Right to Education Initiative joins more than 100 civil society organisations and global and community leaders from around the world to defend public education, in a statement which provides a resounding defence of the role and strengths of public education systems. The statement, jointly developed by members of the Privatisation in Education and Human Rights Consortium (PEHRC... Read more
9 January 2024
On 14 December 2023, a Formal Dialogue on the Initiative on the evolving right to education brought together state representatives, members of global civil society, UN representatives, youth, practitioners, and experts. Celebrated to mark the 63rd anniversary of the UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education and as a contribution to the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of... Read more
21 December 2023
The multiple, interlocking crises which grip the world look set to continue in 2024. When crises hit, education often suffers - through underfunding, dwindling political attention, and increased pressures on populations causing school abandonment. We know that when education suffers, so too does the future. We have ambitious plans for the year ahead, laid out in our 2023-2026 strategy. We know... Read more
Beige square with text reading 'Education is a human right' repeated 5 times in different colours, followed by the line 'Support it this Giving Tuesday'. The RTE logo is displayed in the middle of text
27 November 2023
Today is Giving Tuesday - a moment of collective solidarity and hope in the midst of a challenging global panorama, in which the right to education is at risk.In moments of economic hardship and geopolitical crises, the education of young people suffers. When a generation of children receive a poor quality, interrupted or abandoned education, the future of entire societies and nations is... Read more
Turquoise square with text in blue and purple tones reading 'every child has the right to education. World Children's Day 2023'
20 November 2023
At a time in which multiple conflicts grip the world, we wish to recall the right of all children to an education, and to be safe in their places of learning.Schools are places of learning. They are the space in which children develop cognitively, emotionally and socially, and often are the most visited site outside of the home for many young people. Given the significance of these spaces for... Read more