21 December 2023
The multiple, interlocking crises which grip the world look set to continue in 2024. When crises hit, education often suffers - through underfunding, dwindling political attention, and increased pressures on populations causing school abandonment. We know that when education suffers, so too does the future. We have ambitious plans for the year ahead, laid out in our 2023-2026 strategy. We know... Read more
Beige square with text reading 'Education is a human right' repeated 5 times in different colours, followed by the line 'Support it this Giving Tuesday'. The RTE logo is displayed in the middle of text
27 November 2023
Today is Giving Tuesday - a moment of collective solidarity and hope in the midst of a challenging global panorama, in which the right to education is at risk.In moments of economic hardship and geopolitical crises, the education of young people suffers. When a generation of children receive a poor quality, interrupted or abandoned education, the future of entire societies and nations is... Read more
Turquoise square with text in blue and purple tones reading 'every child has the right to education. World Children's Day 2023'
20 November 2023
At a time in which multiple conflicts grip the world, we wish to recall the right of all children to an education, and to be safe in their places of learning.Schools are places of learning. They are the space in which children develop cognitively, emotionally and socially, and often are the most visited site outside of the home for many young people. Given the significance of these spaces for... Read more
16 November 2023
On 16 October, the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) published its concluding observations on France, concerning its five periodic reports. As part of its assessment of France’s compliance with the International Covenant on Economic, social and cultural rights and related obligations, CESCR considered the right to higher education.CESCR raises concerns about territorial... Read more
African union logo
16 November 2023
On 11 October 2023, the Africa Group at the United Nations tabled a proposal calling for a comprehensive UN tax convention. Now, over 200 organisations and trade unions, among them RTE, have sent a letter to governments calling for the adoption of the Africa Group’s resolution, and stressing that this issue should be treated as a matter of highest priority and urgency. To the kind attention of:... Read more
2 November 2023
In a joint statement, RTE joins 31 global civil society organisations to condemn the deeply concerning finding that World Bank Group executives covered up child sexual abuse in connection with IFC's investment in Kenya's Bridge International Academies.   The undersigned organizations are gravely concerned about the recent media report of child sexual abuse at Bridge International Academies in... Read more
31 October 2023
On 20 July 2023, the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Global Advocacy Group - an informal group of organisations working to advance ECCE rights - hosted a meeting with international experts to discuss the key components of early childhood care and education rights and the areas of ECCE that require a stronger footing in the international human rights framework. The meeting brought... Read more
18 October 2023
Salima Namusobya, the Senior Regional Director for Africa at the Centre for Reproductive Rights, and Ignacio Saiz, an international advocate for economic and social rights, have joined the executive board of the Right to Education Initiative (RTE).Namusobya and Saiz bring world-leading legal and policy expertise on the right to education, in addition to decades of experience in the wider context... Read more
Image showing arial view of metal containers containing a range of vegetables
16 October 2023
School meals play a critical role in children’s lives. They are an essential intervention in development and humanitarian contexts, proven to have long-lasting impacts across multiple Sustainable Development Goals and sectors, including food security, nutrition and health, education, water and sanitation, child protection, gender equality, and prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse. They are... Read more
Image of 19 organisational logos on a white background
2 October 2023
Joint civil society organisation statement in response to Report on Investment for development - The UK’s Strategy towards Development Finance InitiativesThe recent report by the International Development Committee (IDC) of the UK House of Commons, entitled ‘Investment for development - The UK’s Strategy towards Development Finance Initiatives,’ raises major concerns about the UK’s investments as... Read more