If the higher education budget is allocated by different ministries or agencies (at national or regional level), is there a mechanism available to oversee coordination among all the different levels of responsibility?

Are there any laws, policies and/or measures regulating accommodation/adaptability of education for students with disabilities?

States have the obligation to provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ to students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation is defined as ‘appropriate modification and adjustments which are necessary, in a particular case, to ensure persons with disabilities can enjoy, on an equal basis with others, all human rights and fundamental freedoms’. 


Are there any affirmative action or other policies aiming to reduce inequalities? (Such as tuition subsidies, grants, quotas, campaigns, etc.)

Affirmative actions should be understood as targeted temporary actions aiming to facilitate access, participation, and completion of marginalised groups that are underrepresented in different levels of education.  


Is there any law banning the military use of educational facilities or training exercises in and around educational institutions?

Military training in and around educational institutions puts at risk not only the infrastructure of schools and universities but also the safety of students, teachers and staff, both in and while traveling to and from school.  They could also raise fears and increase a general climate of insecurity and instability that may prevent students from going to school, parents from sending their children from school, and teachers from going to work - thus having an impact  on absenteeism or drop-out rates. 

Are there specific state policies or programs aiming to raise awareness of the Safe School Declaration and the Guidelines for Protecting Schools and Universities from Military Use during Armed Conflict?

By endorsing the Safe Schools Declaration, states also commit to meet on a regular basis, inviting relevant international organisations and civil society, so as to review the implementation of the  declaration and the use of the guidelines. You may inquire on their participation (and interest to participate) in such meetings and the sharing of good practice. You may further inquire as to whether there is national stakeholder engagement and coordination to implement the Safe Schools Declaration.