Education expenditure ratio

General government expenditure on education (current, capital, and transfers) is expressed as a percentage of GDP. It includes expenditure funded by transfers from international sources to government. General government usually refers to local, regional and central governments (Source: UIS)

Do civil society organisations face obstacles set by the State when monitoring the right to education?

Common obstacles include, inter alia, not allowing civil society organisations to operate freely in the State, withholding information from civil society organisations that is necessary for monitoring the right to education and hindering access of these organisations to schools for monitoring purposes

Are the criteria used to select the schools or children that benefit from targeted programmes publicly available?

Targeted programmes in the education sector are those that are not universal (ie that the beneficiaries are only a segment of the population) either because by its very nature a programme is meant to help a specific group (eg cash transfers to poor families to help them meet the various types of costs associated with education) or because the State does not have enough resources to provide at this stage to everybody in the education system