"The Committee recommends that the State party take all necessary measures to promote inclusive education of children with all forms of disabilities and invites the State party to adopt a law which prohibits discrimination against persons with disabilities” (Committee on the Rights of the Child (2011) Concluding Observations: Cuba (CRC/C/CUB/CO/2): Para.44).

"The Committee regrets that the State party, as yet, does not have a comprehensive anti-discrimination law. the Committee is particularly concerned that persons with disabilities face discrimination with regard to their rights to education and housing (...)” (Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (2012) Concluding Observations: Iceland (E/C.12/ISL/CO/4): Para.5).

“(….) the Committee urges the State party (a) To take further legislative measures to systematically harmonise its legislation with the requirements of its 2009 anti-discrimination law, and raise public awareness on the legal remedies available in cases of discrimination, including by making available information on how to make complaints to the State party’s Institution of the Human Rights Ombudsman in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in education and health - care institutions, where children frequently encounter discrimi nation” (Committee on the Rights of the Child (2012) Concluding Observations: Bosnia and Herzegovina (CRC/C/BIH/CO/2-4 ): Para.30).

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