• Explain to the interviewee the purpose of the interview and how the interview materials will be used and distributed.
  • Ensure you have the participant’s informed consent prior to any interviews.
  • Tell the interviewee that they can terminate the interview at any time or refuse to answer any question.
  • Conduct the interview in the interviewees’ language or with a translator.
  • Make sure that the way you ask the questions is appropriate for the specific characteristics of the interviewee (eg child-friendly, sensitive to specific disabilities, culturally-sensitive, etc).
  • Protect all interviewees’ privacy and safety. Ask the interviewees if they prefer that you replace their real names with pseudonyms in the report and always do so if your report is about a country in which the safety of the interviewee may be at risk.

Adapted from Human Rights Watch (2013) “As Long as They Let Us Stay in Class” Barriers to Education for Persons with Disabilities in China: p.8-9.

For further information, see the British Educational Research Association's Ethics and Educational Research (2012).