The Right to Education Monitoring Guide was produced by the Right to Education Project.

Eitan Felner, a consultant for the Right to Education Project, was responsible for the development and drafting of the Guide, as well as of the accompanying Indicators Selection Tool, under the initial supervision of Bailey Grey, and then Delphine Dorsi. 

The current Guide draws from a preliminary version of the Guide, authored by Sylvain Aubry. It also draws extensively from the following sources:

The Indicators Selection Tool drew extensively on de Beco, G (2013) Measuring Education as a Human Right - List of Indicators, produced by the Right to Education Project.

The Guide and the Indicators Selection Tool also benefited greatly from the Right to Education Project’s network of advisers, who offered helpful and insightful comments. This multidisciplinary panel included the following individuals:

Steven Klees, Philippa Lei, Angela Melchiorre, Aoife Nolan, Sheldon Shaeffer and Anjela Taneja.

This Guide also benefitted from the useful feedback of Tony Baker, David Archer and Emma Pearce.

Special thanks are due to Erica Murphy, Project Officer at the Right to Education Project, who oversaw the development of the website, co-developed the Indicators Selection Tool, authored sections and edited the Guide.

Lastly, the Right to Education Project would like to thank Open Society Foundations for their financial support.