This indicator measures the proportion of teachers who are not in school although they were expected to be teaching when visited by a survey team, out of all teachers who were expected to be teaching


The standard tool to measure this indicator is unannounced visits to schools to determine the percentage of teachers not on site. For this indicator, administratively approved leave for professional development, field trips or other off-school activities with students is not counted as a teacher's absence. A high teacher absenteeism rate may reflect a problem in the availability of education

Human Rights Standards: 

Article 13, International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights; Article 28, Convention on the Rights of the Child; Article 17 (2), (Revised) European Social Charter; Article 13, Protocol of San Salvador; Article 11, African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child; Article 13, African Youth Charter; Article 41 (2), Arab Charter; Article 4, UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education

Types of Indicator: 
Levels of disaggregation: 
Level of Education, Region, Urban/Rural, Public/Private