Percentage of household expenditure on education

Percentage of household expenditure on education is the total average cost per month per family for a student in a school as a percentage of total household expenditure. Examples of educational expenses include: enrolment fees, tuition fees, uniforms, school supplies and educational materials, school meals and school transport and other payments necessary to effectively access education, such as payment for water, security etc.

Number of reported incidents of repression against teachers for their political, ideological or religious beliefs or teachers' union activity

Examples of incidents of repression include teachers / professors who have criticised governments and have subsequently been removed from office, imprisoned, reported missing, reported killed, etc.

Are there transparent procedures for the hiring process of teachers and for contracts/tenders for education services?

Transparent procedures include, inter alia, publicly available information about the requirements needed to apply for a teaching position for each level of education and the process for selecting the candidates