Are there any laws, policies and/or measures regulating accommodation/adaptability of education for students with disabilities?

States have the obligation to provide ‘reasonable accommodation’ to students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodation is defined as ‘appropriate modification and adjustments which are necessary, in a particular case, to ensure persons with disabilities can enjoy, on an equal basis with others, all human rights and fundamental freedoms’. 


Number of educational facilities with buildings in a state of disrepair due to attacks on schools, universities, and other educational facilities

This indicator refers to the extension of material damages due to targeted and non-targeted military attacks on schools, universities and other educational facilities. Damage to schools includes: facility infrastructure (walls, windows, roof, water, electricity, sanitation); leisure areas (playgrounds, libraries, school halls, cafeterias); and school materials (tables, black or whiteboards, books, toys).


Percentage of schools with potable water

Percentage of schools with potable water is the share of schools at a given level of education with a drinking water facility or water delivery point that is designed to protect water from external contamination, particularly of fecal origin. Examples of potable drinking water facilities include: pipe-borne water, protected wells, boreholes, protected spring water and rainwater