Monitoring the right to education involves not only assessing policy efforts but also analysing the extent to which the process of elaboration, implementation and evaluation of thesepolicies has been undertaken in accordance with cross-cutting human rights principles, such as participation.

This step will help you assess, using a special category ofprocess indicators, the compliance of your country with these procedural human rights principles throughout thepolicy cycle of the education policies you identified in Step 3.

For a comprehensive and human rights-based monitoring exercise, it is necessary to examine both policy efforts and policy processes. If you have limited resources you may decide to forgo this step but you should make this explicit in your report.

Using the Indicators Selection Tool

The Indicators Selection Tool has an entire criterion devoted to policy processes. Please select the human rights principle (Accountability,Transparency orParticipation) you wish to monitor under Policy Processes and Governance.

When monitoring policy processes you do not need to make selections for the other criteria as this is a standalone criterion.

This step provides guidance for using policy process indicators. Please refer to the relevant section below for specific guidance on each human rights principle.

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