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Ancillary content

Throughout the Guide we have provided five different types of ancillary content to complement the main content. Each type of content is denoted by an icon. To access the content, click on the icon and a box will open displaying any relevant information on the right-hand side of your screen. To exit the content, click ‘X’. To view the ancillary content full-size, click on 'View full size' at the bottom of the box.

The five types of ancillary content are:

  • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Explanatory information or links to useful information.
  • EXAMPLES: Where possible we have provided examples to illustrate key points.  
  • FURTHER GUIDANCE: Additional guidance, tools and tips to help you effectively monitor the right to education.
  • GLOSSARY: Definitions of commonly-used terminology.
  • INDICATOR: Right to education indicator.

In addition to ancillary content, throughout the text we have provided links to different sections of the Guide, the Right to Education Project's main website and various other useful content. These links will appear in turquoise

Indicators Selection Tool

Where relevant we have provided links to theIndicators Selection Tool. Alternatively you can access the Tool by clicking 'Indicators Selection Tool' in the main navigation menu above.

Print and download

To download the entire Guide click the download icon in the navigation side bar. To download each step, go the relevant step and click on the settings button above the previous page / next page scroller, a download option should appear along with options to share and print. Alternatively at the beginning and end of each step we have provided a .pdf download option. We recommend you download and print the .pdfs, rather than printing the page, as they have been formatted and include all ancillary content. 


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