Impôt, privatisation et éducation: Influencer les politiques de financement de l'éducation pour transformer la vie des enfants

Le Right to Education Project et ActionAid ont le plaisir d’annoncer la création d’un petit mais ambitieux projet ayant pour but de fournir une recherche de haute qualité dans le domaine des droits de l’Homme concernant l’impact des écoles privées à bas coût sur le droit à l’éducation, le déclin de l’offre d’enseignement par les gouvernements et les bénéfices d’un système d’impôts plus juste.

20 Juillet 2015

Claim of unconstitutionality against article 183 of the General Education Law (Colombia Constitutional Court; 2010)

In this case, petitioners supported by the Colombian Coalition for the Right to Education filed a claim with the Constitutional Court of Colombia challenging a provision in the General Education Law (Law No. 115 of 1994), which allowed the government to impose fees for primary education. The Constitutional Court found that the provision of law that allowed the charging of fees for primary education was unenforceable and in violation of the Colombian Constitution and international human rights treaties.

Why Can't I Afford to Go to School? Safe Schools Every Girl's Right

Education is held up as the key strategy to empower girls and break the cycles of poverty, to propel social and economic development in poor countries, and to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS. Many girls from poor families have little or no access to even a primary education, because the costs are beyond their families' means. In this information sheet Amnesty International calls o governments to eliminate direct and indirect fees for primary schools and take steps to make secondary schools accessible to all.