Nuevas investigaciones siguen arrojando serias preocupaciones sobre las escuelas de Bridge International Academies

Así surge de dos artículos recientemente publicados que abordan diversas dimensiones de las actuaciones de Bridge y que corroboran varias de las cuestiones que se han venido planteando desde diversas organizaciones de la sociedad civil, presentando también algunos nuevos cuestionamientos.

Realising rights through the sustainable development goals: The role of national human rights institutions

This briefing paper focuses on the distinct contributions that NHRIs can make to the sustainable development agenda. It outlines the importance of the SDGs for human rights and highlights a number of specific opportunities for NHRIs to effectively fulfil their role in the context of the new global development agenda, sharing examples of development-related work from a number of institutions in all regions.

From Disparity to Dignity: Tackling economic inequality through the Sustainable Development Goals

The aim of this briefing is to propose a human rights-centered policy agenda to tackle economic inequality and the social inequalities it reinforces. It sets out to illustrate how human rights can provide both a normative framework and a set of accountability mechanisms to accelerate success in meeting this most cross-cutting of sustainable development goals.