19 Septiembre 2018

Right to Education Initiative (RTE) has recently published its Annual Report, highlighting its work and impacts on the right to education carried out in 2017. RTE’s work in 2017 focused on four thematic areas:

  • privatisation and human rights
  • monitoring and accountability of the right to education
  • Education 2030
  • the right to education of migrants

Some examples of our activities include: the development of human rights Guiding Principles on private actors in education, RTE’s advocacy against the commercialisation of education and for the regulation of private actors’ involvement in education, the promotion of women and girls’ right to education, research on human rights accountability, and research on the legal framework guaranteeing migrant’s right to education in partnership with law firms.

The fourteen-page Annual Report is available in English here.

To know more about RTE please visit our About us section here.