Posición colectiva acerca de los datos para los derechos económicos, sociales y culturales

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Los datos son necesarios para la realización de los derechos humanos. Sin ellos no podemos entender la situación prevalente de los derechos humanos, no podemos tomar decisiones informadas sobre políticas y no podemos evaluar la efectividad de esas decisiones sobre políticas.

Promoting Rights in Schools

The ten rights defined in this PRS framework describe what should be included in the approach of an ‘ideal’ school that offers quality inclusive public education and supports our work to secure and strengthen free, compulsory inclusive quality public education for all.

This collaborative approach between ActionAid and the Right to Education Initiative aims to secure free, compulsory, quality public education for all.

Education Under Attack: a guidance note for journalists and photographers

Changes in the media market after the end of the cold war, the development of new technologies and the hindering consequences of multiple economic crises have strengthened collaboration between journalists, photographers, videographers, and NGOs. Media reporting on conflict zones can play an enhanced role in helping civil society organisations (CSOs) to document attacks on education and CSO knowledge and connections could help journalists uncover important stories from the front lines. 

Monitoring Education Under Attack from a Human Rights Perspective

This monitoring guide is designed to help civil society organisations monitor education under attack from a human rights perspective. It will guide you through:

I: the importance of monitoring

II: give you advice on what to look for and how to collect data

III: provide you with a list of indicators you might want to look at

IV: give recommendations on how and who to report to when identifying violations of the right to education. 

المطالبة بجعل بيانات التنمية متماشية مع حقوق الإنسان

بمناسبة المنتدى السياسي رفيع المستوى  المعني بأهداف التنمية المستدامة، والذي انعقد في نيويورك خلال الفترة الممتدة من 9 إلى 18 يوليو 2019، دعا الفريق العامل المعني بالرصد والتابع للشبكة العالمية للحقوق الإقتصادية والإجتماعية والثقافية إلى إتباع نهج قائم على حقوق الإنسان فيما يتعلّق بالبيانات، بما في ذلك بيانات أهداف التنمية المستدامة.

15 تموز (يوليو) 2019

Right to education handbook

Education is a fundamental human right of every woman, man and child. In states’ efforts to meet their commitments to making the right to education a reality for all, most have made impressive progress in recent decades. With new laws and policies that remove fees in basic education, significant progress has been made in advancing free education. This has led to tens of millions of children enrolling for the first time and the number of out of school children and adolescents falling by almost half since 2000.