La société civile francophone se mobilise contre la marchandisation de l’éducation dans le monde

Communiqué de presse

Paris, 9 Mars 2016

A l’occasion de la Semaine de la langue française et de la Francophonie, une coalition d’organisations francophones de la société civile[1] se mobilise contre la marchandisation de l’éducation, le 15 mars 2016, au siège de l’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF).

Unesco GEM report 2018 gender review launch

On 8 March 2018, to coincide with International Women’s Day, the Unesco GEM Report team held the worldwide launch of their 2018 Gender Review.

The main finding of the report is that only 44% of states have made a full, legal commitment, via international treaties, to achieving gender equality in education. The report also analyses the slow progress towards gender parity in education and how this can be addressed.

A separate but equal classroom?: The Indian desegregation

‘In the field of public education, the doctrine of "separate but equal" has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.'

In 1954, the U.S. Supreme Court made the above declaration in the case of Brown v Board of Education of Topeka, and found that segregated schooling on the basis of race was unconstitutional. Nearly six decades later, the view remains equally significant in light of a different basis of segregation: that of children with disabilities.

8 March 2018

New law protects the right to education of 84 million people with disabilities in Africa

The Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Africa (Protocol) an instrument of the African Union, was adopted at the 30th Ordinary Session of the African Union Assembly, held in Addis Ababa on 30 January 2018. This historic protocol, which has been in development since 1999, focuses specifically on promoting and upholding the rights of the 84 million people with disabilities living in Africa.

Geneva consultation: Debating the Human rights guiding principles on state obligations with regards to private involvement in education

On 5 February 2018, at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, academics and representatives from states, civil society organisations, UN offices, human rights treaty bodies, and the private sector gathered  for the final in-person consultation on the draft Human rights guiding principles on state obligations with regards to private involvement in education  (the Guiding Principles).

22 February 2018